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Already, at the age of eight, nine and ten, a young artist invites us into the simple, direct awareness from which the greatest gifts are found. Be reminded of life’s simple miracles by seeing through the eyes of a child.

Find out how grief unfurls into creativity in a seventeen-year-old’s passionate pursuit for truth.

Submerge/immerse yourself in the depths of a book that finds light, not by seeking light, but by letting go into darkness. You will witness miracles, not the usual kind of miracles like walking on water—but the miracle of finding beauty, love and transcendence in the very heart of life with all its brokenness and loss. It’s a poem, really, or a song or a sutra.

Dive into the mysteries of life, the totality of your being, and the sustainable joy of discovering your true nature by surrendering the search!

Read the leaves of Bodhi and experience emptiness and fullness simultaneously: the essence of nondual awareness.  Experience the radiance of truth in these beautifully designed pages.

In these books, you will discover more about life.