Rashani Réa

About the Author

Raised throughout childhood to appreciate the perennial teachings at the core of all spiritual traditions, Rashani has recorded fifteen albums and created more than 350 collages in celebration of the diversity of world wisdom. She began writing poetry at the age of seven and was published four years later. Raised with the motto “freedom is discipline,” her childhood was an immersion in artistic explorations and an ongoing inquiry into the nature of beauty.

Since 1991, Rashani has lived simply and sustainably on the Big Island of Hawai‘i where she offers individual and group retreats several times a year. She also offers collage classes, retreats, satsangs, individual sessions and participatory concerts throughout the world.

Rashani Réa is a prolific artist and musician, known worldwide for her music and greeting cards and is a deeply respected Dharma teacher. Her books include Beyond Brokenness, Welcome to The Feast, The Way Moonlight Touches, Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight?, It's Time for a Miracle, My Bird Has Come, and The Unfurling of an Artist.

Visit her personal site at www.rashani.com.