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Beyond BrokennessBeyond Brokenness

Grief, like all other feelings and emotions, has always been part of human existence. Rashani Réa’s Beyond Brokenness invites us to a deeper truth about this alchemical experience. This exquisite book is a personal narrative with a collection of collages and poems subtly interwoven throughout the pages.

It brings inspiration and insights for those who suffer grief and loss and invites us to trust in the unknown. This painful, yet inspiring saga recounts Rashani Réa’s story of childhood, to the moment that sorrow unravels in her life, to the time when she acknowledged the beauty of existence and was transformed into a new being from the confinement of suffering. In Beyond Brokenness, the author’s poems are profound and her personal stories will expand your heart to reveal another truth about the chrysalis of sorrow and grief; it offers beautiful insights and realities; and it shows us the way to equanimity within the very condition of brokenness itself.

The main poem celebrated in this book has been passed from hand to hand around the world, since 1991. It was set to music and performed in the Royal Opera House in London (in July, 2008 - 2013 ) by a choir of 55 women and men and continues to touch thousands of hearts. Many people compare Rashani to ancient Sufi or Hindu poets, such as Rabia, Mirabai or Rumi. She is definitely a contemporary mystic. Beyond Brokenness speaks of a time of prolonged suffering that culminated in a night during which the poem known as “The Unbroken” burst into being from the innermost recesses of suffering and mystery.

One feels in her prose and poetry the indelible imprint of the sensitive parents who bequeathed her love and pain; the blessing of strength burned into her heart with every test and trial; and most of all, the grace and freedom that grow reciprocally in one who has learned, as she has, to let go. This is the consecrated life, the life we are all invited to, the life Rashani has chosen and has been chosen to lead. Take an inspiring flight into a very interesting story of life, of suffering, of sorrow, of hope and of celebration, beyond pain and brokenness.

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The Unfurling of an Artist The Unfurling of an Artist

At the age of seventeen, five years after the death of her brother, Rashani Réa turned her grief into creativity. Her impassioned curiosity about the creative process inspired her to gather a unique collection of quotations, which she hand-lettered and beautifully enriched with colorful collages. This book was originally made for a highschool English project in 1970 and now, 39 years later, is offered to the world!

The Unfurling of an Artist  is an awe-inspiring collection of hand-lettered quotations and colorful collages that expound on the many façets of art to answer the main question, “Why does man create?” Réa demonstrates her calligraphic ability as well as her budding talent in art with colorful abstractionisms of circular shapes and arcs that are the finishing touches to each piece.

This abundant reservoir of inspiration for the mind and imagination has blossomed through the decades to become a stirring collection of greeting cards known and loved throughout the world.

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Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight?Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight?

This inspired work of author and artist, Rashani Réa offers a multi-cultural wisdom to many people. Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight? is an exquisite work of art that can stir our thoughts beyond what is tangible.

In this unique work, Réa imparts with us a series of wonderful moments, significant journal entries that bring us to a unique understanding and contemplative poems that allow us to have a glimpse into the book's context and meaning. Inspired by the author’s immersion in nondual traditions, her love of the Bodhi leaf, and her encounters with contemporary poets and teachers, this book is an expression of Réa's profound gratitude for life and an invitation to touch the true nature of our existence. We are reminded that what we are searching for is none other than what we are!

“In these beautiful, wisdom-drenched pages, the intertwining of image with word evokes a contemplative mood joining serenity to wakefulness.”

These particular collages are like thresholds into timeless wisdom, where we have the opportunity to go beyond our conditioned mind and enter effortlessly into the realm of natural great peace.

“It's essence is emptiness, so abandon self-denial and self-improvement. Its nature is empty radiance, so let your diligent effort drop away. Everything is unobstructed, so forget your preferences. Just as phenomena arise, let them be, and do not cling to them.”

--Dzogchen Aphorism

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Welcome to The FeastWelcome to The Feast

Since a young age, Rashani Réa has had a unique way of touching the lives of many people. In Welcome to The Feast, she gathers inspiring thoughts and wisdom and several of these collages were designed during her personal "dark night of the soul" when life brought her literally to her knees. During this time she discovered the jewels within the broken-open heart. Known mostly as an artist and dharma teacher, Réa shares in this book one of her many not-yet-published poems, "Welcome to The Feast." An invitation to welcome all of who we are, this poem shows the depth of Réa's understanding and the great compassion with which she lives. The theme is clear: it is not by transcending our experience but by a willingness to meet it directly, without resistance, and embracing it deeply and completely, that we are reminded of our essential wholeness and the interconnectedness of all that is.

Welcome to The Feast invites us into the realm of oneness, where we have an opportunity to clearly distinguish between illusion and reality. The power of these collages brings us closer to our unfragmentable wholeness, helping us understand the complexities of our existence and the intricate realities presented in the world we live in. These works of art, with superb words from a wide variety of teachers, poets and mystics, carry us into a different experience—thus, giving us the chance to appreciate ourselves and providing us with ease as we discover and integrate the aspects of our humanness that our culture has labelled as "negative" with the radiance of our essential Self.

Welcome to The Feast is an invitation to a celebration of life, of richness, fullness and joy.

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My Bird Has Come HomeMy Bird Has Come Home

Réa has inspired and affected many lives with her prolific creations that spring from the depth of her heart and the subtleness of her thoughts. My Bird Has Come Home is Rashani Réa’s first delightful book.

Created when she was eight, nine and ten years old, My Bird Has Come Home reminds us of the ordinary miracles of life. It invites us to remember the greatest gifts that we often overlook in our busy, hurried lives. This book brings us to the world seen through the eyes of a child —so beautiful in its simplicity— consecrated and endless. Each page is embedded with delight and beauty. The introduction is written by Robin Toews, Rashani's fourth grade teacher, who remains a dear friend forty-eight years later.

This precious book reminds us to honor the flight of birds, falling leaves, and the "drowsy caterpillar" as the profound miracles that they are.

“May every library of every English speaking school obtain a copy of this sweet and inspiring book! Children need to be reminded to see the beauty in nature and to deepen their relationship with ordinary miracles.”

–Mabel Wilson, public school librarian

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Three Children's StoriesThree Children's Stories

Present Moment, Colorful Moment, written and illustrated by Réa at the age of 24, is a delightful coloring book designed for children who enjoy coloring and learning about nature. It also contains “gathas,” short verses, which are recited in order to help one stay in the present moment and dwell in mindfulness.

Tao and the Moon, written the same year, is a deep, lyrical dialogue between a little boy and the moonlight. Within this dialogue, readers will discover the unwavering wisdom of the moon, which represents the awakened mind. Told in poetic form, this tale will inspire readers to look within, rather than outside, in order to discover who they are. Réa’s son, Tao, did the colorful illustrations.

When Réa was 29, she co-created Can You Draw a Shooting Star? with her 7-year-old son. This is a touching articulation of a child’s experience and expression of loss—revealing the fleetingness of life and the mixed feelings that one often encounters. It tells of a mother and son’s journey and how they seek for a new beginning, after a painful loss. This story will provide readers with a deeper understanding about life and death and has inspired other parents & teachers to inquire more deeply into their children’s feelings, particularly around loss.

Charming, motivational and filled with beautiful drawings, Three Children's Stories is a unique book, a perfect instrument for parent-child bonding. This mother-son collaboration is a true gift for any parent.

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The Way Moonlight Touches

The Way Moonlight Touches

“Art and writing have a marvelous way of allowing us to tap into the deeper, hidden realms of the unknown and to reconnect us with the unconditioned mind, which is abiding peacefully within us at all times.” Author Rashani Réa echoes her own words as she invites us to express emotions through creativity with a collection of collages, journal entries, and a poem in The Way Moonlight Touches.

This book consists of pages from a journal that the author kept in 1983 and a collage-poem which she also wrote the same year. Transforming anguish into creativity and color, Réa offers a glimpse of her grief during that time, eight months after her mother passed away. Today, twenty-six years later, she decides to publish parts of her journal and share particular collages, which were part of her own healing process as an offering of gratitude.

For a dear friend who reached through the veils of her grief and reminded her of the preciousness of life and love, she dedicates the poem The Way Moonlight Touches.

Once again, Rashani shares her inner sanctum and invites us to find and express the deep and unique truth of who we are, bubbling up from the dark dreams of our broken-up hearts.”  - Jennifer Bonadio, yoga teacher

Be inspired to delve deeper than your emotions and find refuge in your creativity in The Way Moonlight Touches.

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